English Shayari

English Shayari

My World Is Lonely

My World Is Lonely When You Are Not With Me,
I’ve seen people living for love… Dying in love Getting hurt in love Crying in love..
Smiling in love…
Fighting in love… But
I’ve seen a very few people who Love the person even
If his loved One, loves Some One Else…

– Er.  Arun Kamboj

what is beauty

No matter what would be the colour
no matter how it should look
it matters that would be caring
it matter would not be a crook.
Knowledge of culture & aware about duty
the one who have these all
is right to call a beauty…

– Rajan…

Happy Karva Chauth SMS 2012

If I were a tear in your eye,
I would roll down onto your lips.
But if you were a tear in my eye,
I would never cry as I would be afraid to lose you…
Thanks for being mine forever. Happy Karva Chauth!


On This Karva Chauth I Promise,
I Will Try My Best For Make Your Life
A Bed Of Rose, No Pain, No Loss And No Fear.
Happy Karwa Chauth!


Like the beautiful moon lighting up the night sky,
your love has filled my life with every joy.
May this auspicious day, bring you every happiness.
Happy Karva Chauth…


My Lovely Honey,
Wishing for a long and happy life for you.
A life that we both will cherish together for years to come.
Happy Karwa Chauth…


As you celebrate the bond of marriage,
wishing you a life of love and togetherness today and always.
Happy Karva Chauth…


May God bless you with
all those happiness & pleasures
you have asked for me sweetheart!
Wish you a happy Karva Chauth
& a prosperous married life with me…


On this Karwa Chauth,
sending my heartfelt wishes you way.
May all your prayers for your husband’s well being,
be answered today and always. Happy Karwa Chauth…

It is you

It is you,
who make me feel special It is you,
who give me happiness It is you,
who becomes my companion It is you,
who cares me like my mom It is you,
who sits by my side in my loneliness,
and whom I love the most, it is you….

– Ranjeets

See with your eyes

It’s a joke; as long as you laugh on it
it’s a hope, as long as you count on it.
It’s nothing but a simple illusion
As long as you do not step on it.
It would take him a moment
to make you believe the lie- that he loves you
but believe me, your entire lifetime will be less
to live the lie through.
Cause, whenever you will see with your eyes
your eyes will see what you want
you can easily leave everything for him, but actually, he can’t!

– Rayana

All that was of you

I saw a beautiful morning like I had never before
With a cloudy sky up hiding shine of the sun
So cleverly in her heights

I felt a soothing wind like never before
Touched so gently passed through my heart
Made me fell so close to someone I love

I went in the rain, I walked in the dark
The flawless nature and all the joy in my heart
Made me feel of someone I knew

And when I smelt the queen of all flowers
I found that I knew that too in my mind,
Only that day when you came to us, in the world
My dear, I realized
All that was of you!

– Rayana