Friendship Shayari

Apne Friendship Sms for Love

Manzilon Se Apni Dar Na Jana,
Raaste Ki Preshaniyon Se Toot Na Jana,

Jab Bhi Jarurat Ho Zindagi Mein Kisi Apne Ki
Hum Aapke Apne Hain Ye Bhool Na Jana…

Friendship Shayari

Teri Dosti Ne

Teri Dosti Ne Bahut Kuch Sikha Diya,
Meri Khamosh Duniya Ko Jaise Hansa Diya,
Karjdaar Hun Main Us Khuda Ka Jisne,
Mujhe Tere Jaise Dost Se Mila Diya…

Friendship Shayari

Yeh Mulakat Gujar Jaati Hai

Kitni Jaldi Yeh Mulakat Gujar Jaati Hai,
Pyas Bujhti Nahi Ke Barsaat Gujar Jaati Hai,
Aapki Yaadon Se Kah Do Ke Yun Na Aaya Karen,
Neend Aati Nahi Aur Raat Gujar Jaati Hai…

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Aapki Friendship Mil Gayi

Maangi Thi Mot To Zindgi Mil Gayi,
Andhere me bhi mujhe roshni mil gayi,
Poocha khuda se naseeb me kiya hai mere,
To sabse haseen tohfa Aapki Friendship Mil Gayi…

– A R Saifi

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A New Friend

Some time ago, I found a new friend,
A girl in my life was like a new trend,
In the starting, she thought I’m proudy and arrogant,
But now she thinks of me as someone who is cunning and intelligent…

She is a great person as well a good friend,
I like everything in her from her walking style to the way she stand,
From her clothes, footwear and the bag in her hand,
And even a small thing like her hair’s rubber band…

As time passes, my feelings for her are getting an extend,
I wanna share everything with her from start to end,
I wanna walk with her hand in hand,
I wanna have a relation which is more than just a friend,
In simple words, I want her to be my girlfriend…

I like her and will love her till my life end,
I have a hole in my heart which only she can mend,
She doesn’t love me is what she pretend,
But I won’t let my story to have a sad end…

Friendship Shayari

True Friendship

True friends are for life
Until the end
They are more than special
They are your best friends.

They are the one you can go to
When you are in despair
The ones that will help you
Even when you got gum in your hair!

They are the one who will laugh
And go laughing with you all through
the night
The ones who will help you
Help you with all their might.

To have a good friend
You have to be one
So be nice to one another
So you can be friends forever
And that’s how to be the best friend you can be.

– Shikha

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